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Parents Creeped All The Way Out After Their New Baby Monitor Makes Their Child Look Possessed

Jinxy Productions via Getty images@PassionPopSoc/Twitter

Halloween may be over, but the spooky season is all year.

And since night vision is not perfect, anything seen over a night vision monitor is likely to spook the heck out of anybody.

And there's just something even scarier when the fright involves small children.

A new baby monitor with night vision was the conduit for the latest viral fright.

See the photo here.


Can everybody say "Paranormal Activity"?

Well, it wasn't the only paranormal thing that happened when people viewed the picture.

Haha, yikes on bikes.

And what would you do if you saw your baby looking creepy and possessed in their baby monitor?

Turns out other parents have had the same experience with their babies.

Why are children literally demons over night-vision?

Be warned and be ready, In case you have children and get a night-vision baby monitor.

Or else you may just get spooked out.

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