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Phone Company Tries To Pull A Fast One With New 'Water-Resistant' Phone Ad—But People Are Saying 'Not So Fast'

@oneplus/Twitter, @dhabbal/Twitter

OnePlus, the Chinese phone manufacturer, is preparing to release its newest smartphone, the highly-anticipated OnePlus 7.

As the launch event on May 14th draws nearer, however, the company released an advertisement that seems to have done more harm than good.

The new ad seems to brag that the OnePlus hasn't gone through any expensive water-proof testing, so the company can pass those savings on to you!

The only test they need is a bucket full of water...

Unfortunately, it's not too hard to notice the small disclaimer in the ad as the phone is dropped into water.

Tech smarty summed up the disclaimer pretty well:

"Products not ip certified. Water resistant under optimal test conditions. Oneplus makes no guarantee regarding water resistance. It is not covered under product warranty."

Twitter users don't like being tricked...especially when the trick is so easy to see through.

OnePlus probably would have been better off not posting the ad in the first place!

A lot of potential buyers were pretty turned off by the new ad.

While its true that no major smart phones have water damage covered in their warranties, making a big point out of how waterproof your phone probably isn't the best move if your phone is just like the rest.

Everyone seemed to agree the ad was harming OnePlus's brand more than helping it.

Advertisers won't hesitate to fool you if they think they can.

And always remember: don't throw your phone into a bucket of water, no matter what they did in a commercial.

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