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Someone Condensed 'Game Of Thrones' Into A Brilliant Video Featuring One Second Of Footage Per Episode

*Warning: light Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*

Game of Thrones is over and fans are looking back on the incredible journey which led the show to its unrelenting conclusion.

Though the final season received as many criticisms as accolades, there's no denying the show itself must hold a singular place in our popular culture to inspire such a wide-spread, fervent fan-base.

Twitter user Andy Kelly (@ultrabrilliant), in a tribute to one of TV's all-time greatest shows, cut together a montage of one second from every episode of Game of Thrones. The result was amazing!

Fans thought the montage was incredibly well done!

Others used the video as yet another opportunity to knock the show's final season.

Others defended the entirety of Game of Thrones, saying the "overall product" was still stunning.

There may never be a show like Game of Thrones ever again.

Some Twitter users had some suggestions for Kelly:

But most people were just in awe of the assembled clips!

Well done, Andy!

We may be missing Game of Thrones in the weeks to come, but your video will surely help us ease the pain of its passage.