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MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Rebukes Guest For Calling Republicans 'Kooks'—And She's Spot On

MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Rebukes Guest For Calling Republicans 'Kooks'—And She's Spot On

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace didn't mince words when discussing Republicans with several ex-members of the party during her show on Monday, February 8.

Lincoln Project advisor Tara Setmayer spoke of her fellow conservatives, saying:

"They're acquiescing to the kooks, the crackpots and the crazies. So the Republican Party needs to decide are they the party of country? Are they the party of the Constitution over cult? Or are they going to side with the kooks, the crackpots and conspiracy theorists?"
"Liz Cheney, unfortunately, is a minor voice. She and Adam Kinzinger are about the only ones who have stepped up. It's clear she's swimming against the grain and the party is no longer the way she describes it."

But Wallace disagreed, saying that calling the Republicans "kooks lets them off scot-free."

"...They're aligned with the groups that participated in Donald Trump's call to storm the Capitol are white supremacists, racists. They're throwing down with racists."

You can watch the cliphere:

Twitter was glad to hear Wallace calling the insurrectionists what they actually were.

Many Republican Congresspeople who helped create our national situation have now tried to distance themselves from their implicit support of extremists and racists.

Many online praised Wallace for her willingness to speak the truth.

It's hard to ignore the prominent role conspiracy theorists and racists have played in Republican party politics for many years, especially after the events surrounding the 2020 election.

There's nothing silly or funny about armed rioters trying to overturn the U.S. election.

If America doesn't acknowledge the hard truths about extremism in the country, as Wallace did, then there's no way the country can heal and move on.