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Nicki Minaj's Recent Tweet Comparing Herself To Harriet Tubman Isn't Sitting Well With People 😬

Photo by Paul Zimmerman-Getty Images

Debuting at number 2 on the Billboard chart apparently didn't sit well with Nicki Minaj and she's letting everyone know.

Minaj, who debuted her album Queen, sent out a series of tweets calling out a string of folks over her record sales, including, She has called out everyone from Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner to Spotify and Drake.

People were willing to let Minaj vent over what appeared to be sour grapes, but when she seemingly compared her fight with Spotify to Harriett Tubman freeing slaves in the underground railroad folks took issue.

The comparison of wanting the number one album and the freeing of slaves didn't fly.

Some thought maybe Minaj needed to take a little time out.

We know some celebrities hire people carry their umbrella, life coaches, bodyguards, and personal trainers, maybe now it's time to hire a Twitter monitor to take your phone away.

H/T: USA Today, Metro