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Joe Scarborough Just Explained What Answer Brett Kavanaugh Gave That Should Disqualify Him From the Supreme Court and People Are Cheering

Joe Scarborough Just Explained What Answer Brett Kavanaugh Gave That Should Disqualify Him From the Supreme Court and People Are Cheering


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough believes Brett Kavanaugh's stance on racial discrimination should disqualify him from serving on the Supreme Court.

This is regardless of the sexual assault allegations that are piling up against Kavanaugh, he told The View Tuesday morning alongside his co-host and partner Mika Brzesinski.

“You’ve got Democratic senators that are basically saying, ‘I don’t need to hear Kavanaugh, he’s a rapist!’” Scarborough exlaimed. “You’ve got Republican senators going out there and going, ‘I don’t need to hear these women, they’re lying!’”

"We still have due process in America,” he said, adding that the FBI should investigate the claims and “come back with the facts.”

Scarborough, a former GOP Congressman, said “at the end of the day” he thinks Kavanaugh will be confirmed, though he admitted if he were a Senator he would vote 'No.'

“I will tell you what bothers me the most about Kavanaugh and I'm a conservative, I have supported just about every conservative judge that has gone up to the Supreme Court,” Scarborough said.

“But when Kavanaugh was asked by Kamala Harris, do you believe someone can be barred from the United States of America by Congress or the president based solely on their race, he wouldn't answer the question.”

He continued:

"If you can't even say that we can discriminate against people based on their race in 2018, you don't belong on the Supreme Court."

Scarborough explained to host Whoopi Goldberg that GOP Senators planning on voting to confirm Kavanaugh despite his views on racial discrimination are espousing the worst of their party.

"That says the same thing about the Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump after he supported a Muslim ban in December 2015, after he pretended in February 2016 he didn't know who David Duke and the KKK were, after he talked about how an Indiana judge couldn't be fair because his parents were from Mexico, after he mocked and ridiculed a Gold Star mother.”

Scarborough abandoned the Republican Party last year in protest of President Donald Trump and admitted he would "vote for whoever will get Donald Trump out of office" in 2020, even if that means voting for a Democrat.

Twitter agreed, and users think both issues are reason enough to push Senators to vote 'No' on Kavanaugh.

"Kavanaugh refused to answer whether the US Constitution allows Congress or the president to ban people from the United States based solely on their race," Scarborough tweeted on Monday. "That shocking response is disqualifying regardless of this week’s hearings."

Social media also appreciated Scarborough's tweet about Kavanaugh.

Joe Scarborough is woke now, and we're here for it.

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