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Newlyweds Demand Wedding Guest Pay Up For Taking A Second Piece Of Wedding Cake

Newlyweds Demand Wedding Guest Pay Up For Taking A Second Piece Of Wedding Cake
Israel Horga / EyeEm via Getty Images

In general, going to someone's wedding means you are going to be very well taken care of. You'll be fed, watered, encouraged to drink and party, east delicious dessert, in addition to plenty of activities.

However, one wedding guest was shocked to learnt hat they were expected to give a little more back than they were expecting to after devouring a second piece of cake on the special day.

The guest, Redditor Unlucky_Low_6254 posted the text conversation on Reddit after receiving the request for the extra money.

"I paid for the first slice after it was announced on the day we'd be helping to pay for their cake!! Apparently didn't count for the second."

People were shocked and dismayed at the wedding party's choice to charge for the cake. Redditor FromUnderTheWineCork said:

"If you can't afford a £500 wedding cake, you need to take your self down to Aldi (or whatever UK supermarket) and get a damn sheet cake or two."
"Rice Krispy treats are on my dessert menu before guests-pay-per-slice is on my dessert menu!"

"I'd reply with consider my gift as payment and in that case you owe me the difference," said Redditor cynicaldreamer1.

"So please send your payment of (whatever amount) immediately."

"I've never heard of it before," the original poster, or OP, said in a Reddit reply discussing paying for the first slice of cake.

"It was quite a talking point at the wedding as the best man first announced it and then it was confirmed in the groom's speech too. Thought it was a joke but then when people were queuing for the cake people had to go back to their tables to get cash."
"And get this: they had a card reader and were even taking names for tabs!"

£3.66 is the equivalent to $4.95 USD, which means the bride, groom and wedding party spent the first moments of their new marriage chasing people down for the equivalent of five bucks.

Here's hoping the rest of their marriage goes in a different direction.