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Images Of Masked National Guard Soldiers Blocking Protesters From Lincoln Memorial Draw Outrage Online

Win McNamee/Getty Images

As protests decrying police brutality continue in Washington D.C., an image of National Guard Soldiers outside the Lincoln Memorial has enraged many people online.

As protestors gathered at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, photographer Martha Raddatz captured a powerful image of armed soldiers in masks refusing entry.

The Lincoln Memorial has a long history of protests, but rarely has the government shown such disdain for the protestors.

Lincoln is the President most often credited with beginning America's long trek towards racial equality, a trek we still continue to this day.

Now, President Trump won't allow proponents of racial justice inside.

This problem affects everyone.

Many believe this image will stand the test of time as a reminder of a troubled culture.

The soldiers didn't stop protestors from peacefully speaking their mind just outside the monument, however.

It's obvious what matters most to the Trump administration.

The Lincoln Monument is a symbol of hope for racial equality.

Even if the movement isn't allowed inside, its message will continue to inspire activists everywhere.