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Think Your Morning Commute Is Bad? This One's A Nightmare

Think Your Morning Commute Is Bad? This One's A Nightmare
(Business Insider/YouTube)

So you think your morning commute is a nightmare?

After seeing this Business Insider video of Japanese commuters in Tokyo's Shinagawa Station, you may reconsider; your own commute will look like a luxury in comparison.

The time-lapse video captured 30 minutes worth of passengers constantly flowing through the busy station thoroughfare.

According to the video, Japan operates six of the 51 busiest train stations in the world, and a million commuters travel through Shinagawa Station alone.

Disgruntled straphangers in New York may be among the 6 million passengers cramming into trains everyday, but Tokyo accommodates more than 8 million passengers on a daily basis.

Non-residents shared their experience from living there in the past.

During the early morning and evening rush hours, some stations employ agents called "oshiyas" who shove commuters like sardines into a packed train to maximize capacity and to keep the train schedule running on time.

Despite the madness, passengers are cooperative and respectful of fellow commuters, which results in a smooth operation.

Would other cultures exhibit the same level of efficiency? People compared notes.

With Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics, tourists and residents alike vying for a spot on trains could become a competitive sport.

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