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Monica Lewinsky Had The Best Response To Which '90s Moment Would've Gone Viral 'If Twitter Were Around'

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Those of us who were alive during the Clinton Presidency can acutely recall the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Then President Bill Clinton was impeached as a result of his inappropriate conduct with Lewinsky, a White House intern who became embroiled in a scandal that dragged her name through the mud on every major television and radio station.

Lewinsky has since become an activist against cyber-bullying and public shaming, and has even discussed what the scandal would have been like had social media existed in the late 1990s.

And then came along a Twitter trend that perfectly intersected with that conversation.

While most people's answers were other major pop-culture moments...

...Lewinsky took the opportunity to joke about her past.

Lewinsky's ability to poke fun at her situation from the 90s has endeared her to people across the internet.

Lewinsky has been critical of the pace at which social media has updated their policies to deal with cyber-bullying and public shaming.

Lewinsky said in a 2019 statement to PRWEEK:

"Research has shown that calling out bullying behavior before people post, as Instagram's AI promises to do, reduces negative interactions."
"Because so much of social life, especially for young people, plays out online, it's incumbent on those driving the digital experience to make spaces as safe as possible."

Lewinsky has been tongue-in-cheek about the Clinton scandal several times on her Twitter platform, despite having gone through a difficult ordeal when she was just in her early 20s.

Not all women do as well with such targeted bullying. For that, Ms. Lewinsky, we tip our hats to you.