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This 'Miracle Cat' Survived 30 Minutes In A Washing Machine Mid-Cycle

This 'Miracle Cat' Survived 30 Minutes In A Washing Machine Mid-Cycle
Daniel Couvinha/EyeEm/Getty Images and Nicole Malmquist/EyeEm/Getty Images

A six-month-old kitten had a “miraculous" escape after surviving a wash cycle.

Poppy's owners, from Launceston in Australia, only discovered she was in the machine some 30 minutes into the cycle after searching the whole house when they realized nobody in the family knew where she was.

Kim Burr told ABC News:

“We got the biscuits out, looked through all the cupboards — we went all over the house, but we couldn't find her."
“And then I thought … maybe. I stopped the wash and there she was."

Animal Medical Centre posted on their Facebook page:

"Meet poor little Poppy who miraculously survived a full wash cycle!"
"Poppy's distressed owners phoned Dr Lisa Towns for an after-hours consultation after finding her in the washing machine at the end of a full 30 minute cycle - ALIVE!"
"Understandably Poppy was freezing cold, rather bruised and battered, sore and disorientated but believe it or not, no broken bones! After 2 days resting on fluids Poppy felt much better and was able to go home to her eager family."
"Surely this would equal around 7/9 cat lives??"
"We hope Poppy learnt her lesson and now realises the washing machine certainly isn't a cosy place to sleep!"

Poppy was limp and barely breathing when the family found her, so they took her to Launceston's Animal Medical Centre, unsure if she was even still alive.

Dr Lisa Towns - the fabulous vet who took the after-hours call + consultation Animal Medical Centre/Facebook

But while she was concussed, had water in her lungs and had suffered some bruising, incredibly she had no serious injuries.

Poppy Animal Medical Centre/Facebook

Tim Laws, from the Animal Medical Centre, said it was “quite amazing" that Poppy had survived.

He told ABC:

“I've seen some unusual things in my time, but I've never seen a cat do this before."

Poppy was treated for a couple of days before being sent back home to her family.

The centre confirmed that the kitten was now “back to her normal self" and had suffered “absolutely no lasting damage".

Dr Lisa Reynolds checking Poppy over on her re-visit. She's back to her cheeky self Animal Medical Centre/Facebook

Ms Burr told ABC:

"She is a miracle cat. She's a very special cat."