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Michelle Obama Shares The Emotional Text Message She Got From Her Brother After He Read Her Memoir

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Former United States first lady Michelle Obama shared a touching text from her older brother on Instagram, who thanked her for the “memories” of their late father.

Mrs. Obama posted the text message on Instagram as she continued her book tour in London for memoir Becoming. Michelle said it was “one of the best texts” she has ever received.

“As I sit listening to the words of your book for the third time albeit this time by audiobook, it occurred to me that I haven’t thanked you for all your memories," wrote Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama's older brother. “I realised I have blocked out everything regarding dad’s death. I was here crying and laughing at the sadness of the story and the comfort of your voice all I can think of is how much I love my little sister.”

Mrs Obama posted the message alongside a caption speaking about her father, Fraser Robinson III, who died in 1991.

“My father gave us absolutely everything," she wrote. “The laughs and lessons, the hugs, the heartache from losing him, they’re all still there with me, every minute. Each of us has our own perspectives and emotions; our own journeys in the moment and in the years since. It’s so important to share our stories with each other, not just to remember, but to connect. Even an ocean away.”

People agreed that the text was emotional and supportive.

Mrs Obama’s memoir, Becoming, has sold over 10 million copies globally since its release in November 2018.