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Maury Povich Pays Touching Tribute To Jerry Springer After His Death: 'I Will Miss Him'

Povich said he and Springer were 'friendly rivals' with their competing talk shows.

Maury Povich; Jerry Springer
David Livingston/Getty Images; John Parra/Getty Images for Parrot Analytics

Maury Povich shared some touching words in honor of the late Jerry Springer who died of pancreatic cancer on Thursday.

In a heartfelt post to Twitter, Povich shared his fellow daytime talk show host was "joyful, smart, and a unique showman," finishing that he would "miss him."

Povich included a picture alongside the former Cincinnati mayor and his sidekick/security Steve Wilkos with the caption:

"I'll miss you, my friend."

Povich wrote:

"I am shocked and saddened by the passing of Jerry."
"He was not only a colleague but a friend. We worked for the same company for decades."
"He was joyful, smart, and, in his own way, a unique showman."
"I will miss him."

Povich also told PEOPLE that although the two had competing shows, they had built quite the comraderie.

"We were all rivals, but at the same time, Jerry and I, because for the last 20-odd years, we both worked for the same company, we had the same bosses. We also taped in the same studio for the last 10 or 12 years."
"So we would see each other, and we would reminisce."

Viewers of Povich's tweet also expressed their condolences.

A few even acknowledged the trio of daytime legends in the photo.

Povich also commented to PEOPLE on the frequent comparisons viewers would make about his and Springer's shows.

"People always ask, you know, you and Jerry are the same kind of show."
"Jerry used to say to me, he says, 'Here's the thing, Maury. You're the real deal. And I'm just the deal.'"
"I said, 'Jerry, I might be the real deal, but you're your deal, ok?'" And he always said, he said, 'You got it right.'"
"When some of the media asked me one time the difference between you and Jerry, I said, 'Well, I do real people's stories and he, he's doing WWE.' And he says, 'You're right! It's wrestling on my show.'"

Povich expressed:

"Jerry didn't change TV, he radicalized it."

Final thought:

'Til next time, take care of yourself and each other.