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WATCH: Martinez Twins Leave Jake Paul's Team 10 Due to Bullying

WATCH: Martinez Twins Leave Jake Paul's Team 10 Due to Bullying

On Friday, the Martinez twins announced that they were leaving Team 10, the popular group of social media stars founded by YouTube prankster and former Vine star Jake Paul this past January.

In an emotional video, Ivan and Emilio Martinez explained that they were leaving because of how they were treated by their fellow Team 10 members.

The twins, who are originally from Spain and have cultivated a massive following on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube after joining Team 10, expressed how they felt bullied by Paul while being ignored and badmouthed by the others, even admitting that they were "going to sleep scared" every night.

Following the video's release, the twins also expressed their dismay on Twitter.

Ivan lamented: "How can they text me 'I love you I miss you' and then they talk bad about us on videos... they know everything and they are lying..."

While Emilio said: "People who wants to make fun of you, laugh at you or even try to hurt you, that’s cause they know you are better than them and they wanna take you down, keep smiling, that’s it."

Their former team members expressed their shock at it all, releasing a statement about how Paul had found the twins living in less-than-desirable conditions in Spain, and how he took them under his wing and invited them to be part of Team 10.

According to the statement: "What they said in the video simply isn't true. If they had ever said anything, we would've addressed the problem like a real family does. We all took them under our wings and made sure they were always taken care of. If they had ever expressed concern, it would've been dealt with immediately...and they know that."

While the team expressed sadness at the departure of the twins, they assured their fans that they "will take this as a lesson and grow as a result."

The twins weren't buying the heartbreak, though:

And with several other members of Team 10 having called it quits over the past several months, perhaps they have a point:

While many were supportive of the twins' choice to leave:

Others were less forgiving:

A sad day for Team 10 fans everywhere:

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