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Martha Stewart's Video Showing Other Uses For Vodka During 'Dry January' Has Fans Cackling

Stewart teamed up with Tito's to put a 'DIY' spin on the annual month of sobriety.

Martha Stewart offering alternative uses for Tito's Vodka during Dry January

Dry January. Whose idea was this again?

At almost the halfway point through January, people partaking in the challenge are feeling the burn, and that's not the burn from the alcohol.

In a surprising collaboration between lifestyle icon Martha Stewart and Tito's Vodka, a minute-long spoof shows "Dry January" reimagined as "DIY January," and the results are nothing short of brilliantly hilarious.

You can watch the video here:

Tito’s DIY January, brought to you by Martha

Stewart opens the video, sympathizing with those partaking in the challenge.

"Hey, I get it. It's Dry January, so you're not drinking much."
"But if you've got Tito's [Vodka] lying around, don't just stare at it. Use it."

The rest of the video features Stewart's suggestions for how to use Tito's Vodka without ever having to pour it into a tumbler.

Make your everyday-wear smell like vodka.

"Say goodbye to musty smells."

What you can't drink, you can now eat.

"Add it to your pasta sauce for a little extra kick."
"...And maybe a little bit more."

Use it as a nice cleaner.

"Spice up your Friday night by cutting through dirt and grime."

Did we mention alcohol tenderizes meat?

"Nothing tenderizes your favorite meat like Tito's."

And by that, Martha Stewart means unapologetically slamming the whole bottle down on the meat repeatedly until it's reached its desired tenderness.

And when all else fails, just because you can't drink it, doesn't mean your plants can't.

"Keep your flowers in bloom with a splash of that vodka... you can't drink."

While smelling the flowers, Stewart confirms:

"Smells like February!"

The end of the video wraps up marvelously with Stewart attempting to keep up the façade, only to give up at the very end.

Holding up a glass, Stewart reassures the crowd:

"I certainly can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing with my Tito's."

But then Stewart admits to her Dry January woes:

"Ah, f*ck it, Martha needs a drink."

Needless to say, viewers were thoroughly amused by the Tito's Vodka ad.

Whether you're partaking in Dry January—or you give up something for Lent each year or you partake in other challenges that require giving something up—this ad is an amusing reminder it isn't always easy to partake in the challenge.

But laughing about our struggles sure does help, as might a handy-dandy DIY project.