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Mariah Carey Averts An Awkward Dress Malfunction By Making Up A Song About It In Viral Clip

The Grammy-winning diva was on stage at New York’s Lincoln Center when a strap on her dress became unfastened.

Mariah Carey with team on stage

It's officially Mariah Carey season, and one failed dress strap is not going to stop the self-proclaimed "Queen of Christmas" from belting our seasonal favorites such as "All I Want for Christmas," "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)," and..."Get This Dress Together."

That's right, we have a new jingle to add to our holiday playlist, and it's all thanks to a wardrobe-malfunction-inspired on-stage impromptu performance by Mimi herself.

Carey surprised guests at the Lincoln Center in New York on Monday night during Möet & Chandon's holiday event. Along with Billboard's #1 Greatest of All Time Holiday 100 tune, the Grammy winner serenaded guests with her hits "Heartbreaker" and "Honey."

During her set, one of the straps from her dress came "untethered," prompting immediate wardrobe assistance to prevent what Carey said could have been a major "scandal."

In an effort to keep the show going, Carey had some of her team take care of the situation on stage while she continued to entertain the audience.

As members of her team - which included stylist Wilfredo Rosado and hair stylist Danielle Priano - worked to prevent a full-on malfunction, Carey chronicled the event through song.

She crooned:

"We need to get this dress together."

As the audience cheered and her team did a thing "called tailoring," Carey continued:

"Save me me tonight!"

You can watch the moment below, which was posted by Priano and captioned:

"When @mariahcarey dress breaks on stage, she does a little impromptu freestyle!"
"Like why not?!"

Carey herself even responded to the incident in a video posted to Twitter.

She captioned the tweet:

"Dress malfunction or on stage improv?"
"How about both!"

In the video, she explained:

"It was very, very close to being a full-on scandal, but we made it work."

Carey continued:

"It was just a freestyle moment."

As you can imagine, fans loved her quick response to the near-crisis.

You'll be able to hear even more soon as Carey's not quite finished making the holiday rounds.

She will be performing a series of four concerts later this month in New York and Toronto. Those "Merry Christmas to All!" concerts will air on CBS and Paramount+ on December 20 for our viewing - and listening - pleasure.