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Man's Racist Tirade Caught On Camera—'Trump Is Deporting Your Illegal Cousins’ @RocketAgo / @tropicalsoul

The Houston, Texas, area saw another display of how bold a racist can be in the United States.

A video was uploaded to Twitter Thursday showing a man yelling a racist rant at another driver at a stop sign.

His screeches included such charming gems as:

"Trump is deporting your illegal cousins today."


"Learn English."

The video was taken by the target of the hate speech.

The man was screaming at a woman with her young daughter. The man calls her names several times over the course of the video.

He also told her to get out of his country.

When she asked if he voted, he responds with more crude names and racial slurs.

After the verbal abuse finished, the man pulls into a gas station and the light turns green.

This is not the America people want to see, but sadly is the one that exists.

The outpouring of disgust toward this man's actions was matched by the sympathy for the target of his harassment.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by a friend of the victim.

They wished to see the man exposed for the racist he is.

H/T: Indy100, RawStory