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White Building Manager Calls Cops On Black Man For Wearing Socks At A Pool

White Building Manager Calls Cops On Black Man For Wearing Socks At A Pool
Kamry Lateria/Facebook

Racists are now masquerading as the fashion police. The latest report of a petty offense involved a white building manager who thinks wearing socks at a pool is a major faux pas––especially if the offender is black.

This marks another racially motivated incident in which a white woman accused an African American of a random violation, which begs the question: Would this woman report a white person for the same alleged violation?

Kamry Porter was enjoying an afternoon with her godchildren and partner at the Riverset Apartments pool on July 4th when Erica Walker approached the couple and demanded the boyfriend remove his socks. She insisted that wearing socks wasn't "proper pool attire."

Porter filmed the incident and posted the video showing Walker calling the police.

In the video, Porter can be heard commenting, "I think she's calling the police because he has on socks." The viral post was shared by nearly 5,000 people.





Even if the boyfriend violated poolside etiquette, there was no need to involve authorities and waste their time.

Porter explained what happened in an interview with WREG TV.

She was like 'well I'm the property manager' and she pointed at the rules and she said the rules say proper pool attire. It doesn't specify what proper pool attire is.

Porter noticed a 'no hat' rule on the sign, but Walker is seen interacting with her white friends who are wearing hats.

It does look funny. It's 25-30 plus white people out here and you haven't said anything – you're partying with them. But when we come, it's an issue.
You called the police on me. That could have gone a whole other way. We've seen that. And I didn't have anything to say to her. She was very apologetic, but at this point I don't want an apology. You embarrassed me.

Walker was fired from her job after the Trilogy Real Estate group conducted an investigation. They ruled that her ill-advised decision to threaten Porter was inappropriate.

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