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'Love Is Blind' Contestant Causes Concern Among Animal Lovers After Letting Her Dog Drink Wine Out Of Her Glass On The Show

'Love Is Blind' Contestant Causes Concern Among Animal Lovers After Letting Her Dog Drink Wine Out Of Her Glass On The Show

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Love is Blind on Netflix.

If you haven't watched Love is Blind on Netflix, hoo-boy, you really have to.

It is the fun kind of trashy television that really makes managing your own existence feel so much easier.

One particular contestant on the show has drawn the ire of the internet, and it's not just because she thinks she is too good for her partner. It's because she gave her dog wine.

Seriously, Jessica is the absolute worst.

On Love is Blind, men and women go on speed dates, never seeing each other. At any point in the voice-only dates, the men can propose to the woman they are talking to.

You only get to meet another person after the proposal.

The speed dates only go on for ten days, which is by itself, not a very long time to decide if you want to marry someone. But add in no physical contact, and you are missing a whole lot of necessary information for many people.

Luckily, we have the abominable Jessica to take this premise and make it even worse.

Quick recap.

You see, Jessica is into two guys. Well, she's into one guy, but she has a backup.

And that backup comes in handy.

After her first pick decided to marry someone else, Jessica was stuck trying to make her 'just in case' guy marry her. The scene where he proposes is so awkward, you have to see it for herself.

But, Jessica is 34 years old and her backup, Mark is 24. My goodness!

She feels the age gap means so much for their lives and maturity and while she's going over all this with Mark, she just casually lets her dog drink her wine.

She caps it off saying:

"She loves wine."

@SabHutchings / Twitter

There is so much to unpack here, not the least of which is a woman making her 24-year-old fiancé convince her he's mature and emotionally stable while she casually gives her dog wine.

However, time for a PSA.

Do not give your dog wine. It is hazardous to their health.

Alcohol in general is not great for dogs. Alcohol is a poisonous substance even for humans, but we at least understand the issues with it.

Additionally, a dog's liver isn't equipped to process alcohol like ours can.

Wine in particular is very dangerous because grapes are toxic to dogs already. Alcoholic grapes should never be given to Fido.

Maybe Jessica didn't know about the grapes thing, and maybe she didn't think the alcohol would be that bad. It wasn't very much, and the internet backlash would obviously teach her a lesson about giving her dog wine.

But who in their right mind would let their dog drink out of their glass and then continue drinking the same frikkin thing‽‽

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@MBrigmoney / Twitter

Jessica is such a dumpster fire, you can't help but keep watching.


In addition to trying to convince Mark, her 24 year-old fiancé who has his life together, that she isn't going to be his mommy, while she looks like trash on TV, she is also clearly still in love with her first pick. After the couples meet their fiancés, all the couples are taken to a resort to see how they do in person with each other.

However, Jessica takes this time to go hit on someone who is not Mark.

All throughout the rest of the show, Jessica is just flirting with another man, while making a big deal about the age difference between her and Mark, and lying about how she is totally into Mark.

Like I said—just the biggest dumpster fire.

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At the end of Love is Blind, you find out which couples get married and which ones call it off. Aside from the early episodes' speed dates, not much on this show really reinforces the premise about finding out if "love is blind."

The whole show is out now, so you can binge it to your heart's content.

Please, I need you to watch it, partly so it's popular enough for another season, but mostly because I need other people to talk with about how Jessica is the absolute worst.