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Golf Ball-Sized Hail Injures Almost 100 Concertgoers At Louis Tomlinson Show In Colorado

The former One Direction member's concert at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre was called off after hail rained down from the sky, sending seven people to the hospital.

Louis Tomlinson; scene from massive hail storm at Legato's Tomlinson Show in Colorado
Scott Legato/Getty Images; @jazzerrae/Twitter

Last Wednesday, thousands of fans gathered in Colorado at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre for Louis Tomlinson's concert.

The weather is always something to watch at an outdoor venue, but most Coloradoans are used to a little rain. When the sky became cloudy and even some thunder rumbled overhead, the customers and the venue were not phased.

But when the staff at Red Rocks realized the intensity of the storm rolling in, they cancelled the concert. But in reality, they had only given their customers two minutes to exit the arena and return to their cars before being pelted with golfball-sized hail.

Approximately 100 people were injured in the rush to safety.

Some had minor cuts and bruises, while others survived with severe welts and abrasions from the hail's contact with bare skin. Some people were trampled in the panic, including children.

The artist was apologetic about the event.

Fans consoled Tomlinson and hoped to catch him at his next show.

But many attendees took issue with their treatment at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

There were many accounts that pointed to the Red Rocks Park staff and their alleged preventing customers from entering venues to seek cover, while instead laughing in their faces and recording videos of their turmoil.

There were also questions regarding the venue's weather-related precautions and how prepared they were for an event like this. Some noticed the signs of bad weather coming and stated they were only given a two-minute warning before the hail began to fall.

Others noted the stage crew was already been packing up the music equipment long before customers were given a warning, suggesting that the venue could have provided better care for their customers.

There were multiple accounts online from injured and traumatized fans.

Some shared video of their experience.

Another showed cuts on their hands after reaching their car.

Others shared the wounds they had from being pelted by hail.

It's unclear at this time if the event will be rescheduled at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre or if any refunds will be issued.

But as long as people question the venue's ability to address weather concerns and help people reach safety, fans might not be too interested in coming back for a second try.