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People Just Commemorated The Very Important 4-Year Anniversary Of The Great Llama Escape In Phoenix

February 26 marked a very special anniversary for internet users everywhere.

On that day, in 2015, one of the most exciting events many had ever witnessed transpired in Arizona: two llamas, one black and one white, became the focus of a high-speed chase through the streets of Phoenix.

No, we aren't kidding.

Watch video from the day here:

Twitter users knew even then they were witnessing something special.

The chyron "Llamas on the Loose" became as iconic as the event itself.

The llamas ran and ran, and almost no one could catch them!

On Twitter, jokes about the llamas were everywhere.

At work, people stopped what they were doing to watch the llamas avoid capture.

People still remember the llamas fondly from time to time...

Even Al Sharpton weighed in on the llama drama!

If there's any justice in this world, we'll soon have a llamas on the loose video game!

But one pressing questions didn't get answered in all the nostalgia.

Where are they now?