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Lizzo Has Uplifting Response After Obama Includes Her In His 'Favorite Music Of 2021' List

Lizzo Has Uplifting Response After Obama Includes Her In His 'Favorite Music Of 2021' List
Steve Jennings/WireImage; Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

It's the end of the year, which of course means endless "best of 2021" lists—a tradition so rich even former Democratic President Barack Obama gets in on the game each year.

But while praise and accolades are a regular part of being a music star, Obama is no ordinary fan. So when the former Democratic President tweeted Friday Lizzo was one of his favorite music artists of 2021, her excitement was palpable.

Lizzo tweeted an effusive thank you in return, seen below, and her fans were nearly as delighted as she was.

Obama dropped his eclectic list of favorites in the form of a Twitter thread on Friday, covering not only music, but books and films as well. In a tweet announcing his lists, Obama stressed the importance of art in our troubled times.

He wrote:

"Art always sustains and nourishes the soul. But for me, music and storytelling felt especially urgent during this pandemic year."

Obama's list of picks has become something of a yearly tradition for the former President, with many outlets like Spotify compiling official playlists based on his compendium of the year's best music.

He always seems to pick truly perfect jams, and 2021 was no exception, with Obama's diverse list including everything from Brandi Carlile to Lil Nas X's controversial "Montero."

The former POTUS is a Lizzo fan too, of course (who isn't?!), and included on his shortlist the musician's collaboration with Cardi B, "Rumors," a banger in which the two women take aim at their "haters" and defiantly refuse to let them get them down. Perhaps the lyrics resonated with Obama, a guy who certainly knows a thing or two about haters himself.

Lizzo understandably seemed thrilled by Obama's endorsement—as most of us would be.

And on Twitter, her fans were just as delighted as she was.

This isn't the first time Obama has shouted-out Lizzo as one of his faves.

His 2019 list included her song "Juice," which the star said on Twitter left her in tears. In her response, she quipped at the former President, "thanks for assisting me with my morning cry."