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Concert Crowd Erupts In Cheers After Lizzo Helps Fan Adorably Propose To His Boyfriend

Lizzo was on hand to help a lucky gay fan out at her concert in Glasgow, Scotland—and fans were feeling the love.

screenshots from Twitter and TikTok videos of the proposal
@STVLaura/Twitter; @sadeesss/TikTok

A Lizzo concert in Glasgow, Scotland was the location of a very sweet event.

Not only was the singer on point during her performance, but she got to aid in a marriage proposal.

During the concert, a fan put their phone up to their head with a message to Lizzo.

“Ask my brother’s boyfriend to marry him.”

Over Facetime, the fan then proceeded to ask his boyfriend if he would marry him.

Lizzo joined in, asking the man if he would accept.

"What do you say?"

The answer was yes and the crowd lost it.

You can see the heartwarming video here:


Congratulations to Grant (who was the sweetest soul) and Ryan. Big thanks to @lizzo for being a ray of light. Holy fuck, what a night #lizzospecialtour #lizzospecialtour2023 #lizzoglasgow #ovohydro #lizzo

The comments were just as heartwarming as the proposal itself.









How adorable is that?

We wish the happy couple a wonderful life together.