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Young LGBTQ+ Kid Leaves Powerful Note For Neighbor Who Flew Pride Flag In Their Small Town

Young LGBTQ+ Kid Leaves Powerful Note For Neighbor Who Flew Pride Flag In Their Small Town

In the wake of anti-Trans legislation in Arkansas, a mom in the small town of Paris is making a big impact in her community just by flying the LGBTQ+ Pride flag.

Neighborhood mom Stephanie Robertson hoisted the Pride flag in front of her house. Her 30-year-old son, Levi, had given it to her just last year.

Levi spoke with PinkNews on what happened:

"She was excited to hang it up for the first time this year and kept it hanging up outside her home all throughout June."
"She texted me yesterday and was like, 'You're not gonna believe the letter I found in our mailbox,' and sent me a photo of the letter."

The letter, scrawled on a small piece of notepad paper, was from an anonymous "young LGBTQ+ person."

It read:

"Hello this is probably kinda weird but I walk past your house everyday and I've noticed your flag and I'm glad to know there is at least one ally in this little town."

Levi also told PinkNews about their conversation after his mother saw the letter.

"I immediately called her and told her how profound and awesome it was that her hanging [the flag] made a child feel seen."
"She agreed and kept saying how she couldn't get over how sweet it was."

Levi tweeted out the letter.

He followed up saying they would get a window sticker of the Pride flag to have on their house year round.

The tweet has garnered nearly 755 thousand likes so far, with thousands of heartwarming comments.

Stephanie Robertson has lived in small Logan County, Arkansas town of less than 3,500 people since 2014 and now works as a part-time support specialist for the Forest Service at Ozark St. Francis National Forest.

Levi said:

"[She is] completely deserving of all the attention cause she's such an incredible person."

Hopefully this inspires others to make this small gesture to show their allyship and make an impact in their own communities.