Laura Ingraham Attempts To Drink Steak Stuffed With Light Bulbs Through A Straw To 'Trigger' Liberals In Odd Segment

Fox News

From Stoli to toilet water, Conservatives will drink almost anything to "own the Libs."

If you're far-Right Fox News host Laura Ingraham, you'll even drink...steak?

Perpetuating the myth that Liberals want to ban beef, lightbulbs, and plastic straws in an effort to protect the environment, Ingraham attempted to suck a lightbulb and plastic straw-impaled steak in a segment on her Fox News show.

Watch below:

Examining the object, Ingraham noted:

"It has everything the Democrats hate. If I could have put an SUV on this, I would have."


Throughout the latest campaign cycle, Republicans have painted Liberals as radically trying to ban the items Ingraham boasted. In reality, they've only called for greater awareness of each individual's carbon footprint, while focusing their sights legislatively on the bigger systems that exacerbate the climate crisis.

The Trump campaign even went so far as to edit a video of Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to seem as though she was condoning a ban on beef, straws, and lightbulbs at a CNN town hall on climate change.

In reality, Warren said she was for individuals doing their part, Congress should prioritize oversight and action against the fossil fuel industry, rather than pursuing bans for individuals, noting that beef bans are exactly what the industry wants people to focus on.

Here's Warren's unedited answer below:

And here's the Trump campaign's edited answer.

So it's only natural that Trump sycophants like Ingraham would follow Trump's lead in claiming that Liberal candidates are hell-bent on infringing individual rights, rather than stifling damage done by expansive corporations and industries.

Ingraham's stunt didn't exactly give the argument credibility.



Just stop.


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