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'The Last Of Us' Fans Stunned To Learn The Giraffe In The Finale Wasn't Actually CGI

A pivotal scene from the game was recreated in the hit HBO series using a real giraffe—and fans had thoughts.

Screenshot from 'The Last of Us'
'The Last of Us'/HBO

The season finale of The Last of Us recreated an emotional scene from the game by the same name, and fans are speaking out about one aspect of the TV adaptation of the moment.

The scene in question featured Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) meeting a giraffe in what was left of Salt Lake City.

You can watch the moment below.

In the game, the scene was a turning point when a deeply depressed Ellie began to recover and found joy in the interaction with the giraffe. The episode also reflected the moment in the game when Joel and Ellie feed the giraffe before moving along in their journey.

What was shocking to fans, however, was the show used a real giraffe for the scene, not CGI as many initially thought.

Trainers worked with the giraffes for more than a month and a half to make sure they would be comfortable.

They "worked to get them to eat out a stranger's hand."

Many viewers of the episode expressed their shock upon learning that the giraffe was not CGI.

There were a few, however, who thought the "CGI" giraffe was not of great quality... before being called out.

But all in all, viewers were elated to see the pivotal scene from the game make it to the HBO series.

Given the lengthy breaks HBO typically gives successful shows between seasons, we likely won't see a new episode until late next year, if not in 2025. Now what are we supposed to do with our Sundays?