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Police Issue Warning After Teens Burst Through Fences As Part Of Bizarre 'Kool-Aid Man Challenge'

Police Issue Warning After Teens Burst Through Fences As Part Of Bizarre 'Kool-Aid Man Challenge'
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Creating a TikTok masterpiece can make a person thirsty.

That thirst may be the inspiration for the latest—and not so great—TikTok challenge dubbed the "Kool-Aid Man" challenge.

More and more homeowners across the nation have reported the destruction of their fences. Law enforcement warned the new TikTok trend is responsible.

The TikTok challenge is simple. Challenges participants locate a fence or wall and then proceed to bust through the obstacle in a similar fashion to the classic Kool-Aid Man commercials that featured the mascot doing exactly that.

News organizations are reporting on the problem.

But is it much ado about nothing like Tide pods proved to be?

A deep dive of the hashtags #koolaidmanchallenge, #koolaid, and #koolaidchallenge yields very little evidence on TikTok or other social media the trend even exists. When sifting through those same hashtags, users are likely to find content related to the iconic Kool-Aid man himself, showing no destruction of property at all or people emulating him whole doing actual demolition work as opposed to vandalism.

While many TikTok challenges received their 5 minutes of fame, many are wondering if the same trajectory for success will be afforded to this new alleged trend.

Several reported incidents of vandalism attributed to the challenge were reported in Ohio. Homeowners in the same neighborhood went to bed with their fences fully intact, only to wake up to gaping holes in their decorative barriers.

According to the New York Post , a woman in Staten Island also reported a similar situation in which her fence was also allegedly damaged.

The woman told the New York Post:

“I went on our neighborhood Facebook page and noticed someone posted a video of this happening to them, too."
"Others commented that they also had their fences damaged by young teens jumping through them.”

In Omaha, Nebraska incidents like this are becoming common.

Residents began reporting the vandalism back in July of this year. Further analysis of the timeline of the reported events would indicate the trend saw airplay on TikTok since 2019.

Meanwhile, this video reflects what is currently on TikTok.


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While people seemingly have created the vandalism aspect out of thin air.


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While the vandalism has left many homeowners across the country thirsty for justice, the evidence against the Kool-Aid Man is looking pretty thin.