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GOP Congressman Rips Trump For Retweeting Lawyer's Call To Lock Up Georgia Republicans

Mike Pont/Getty Images

On Monday, December 14, the far-right fringe lawyer Lin Wood tweeted that Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State should be arrested for refusing to overturn the results of the state's election in favor of Donald Trump.

The President himself retweeted the message.

Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger responded to Wood's tweet, referring to him as a "massive grifter" and wondering why the President would lend him any credence.

Many on Twitter suggested that if Kinzinger was so disappointed with this behavior from his colleagues, he should leave the party.

Others suggested aligning with a third party.

There were some on Twitter who praised Kingzinger's willingness to call out the President's unhinged behavior.

Considering how long Trump has been acting this way, however, many people felt Kingzinger's confusion was a touch performative.

Trump allies continue to spread unfounded conspiracy theories to any news outlet that will let theml

If Kinzinger wants to make a real difference, he'll need to do more than tweet about President Trump's bad behavior...but very few people online are holding their breath waiting for that to happen.