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Someone Mowed A Giant Penis Into The Lawn At A Coronation Party Venue For King Charles

The lawn of the Royal Crescent in Bath, where a 'grand coronation party' for the King is to be held, was defiled by pranksters—and Twitter came with the jokes.

King Charles III
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

King Charles III's coronation took place Saturday, but the embellishments on his crown weren't the only family jewels people were talking about ahead of the event.

On Thursday, some cocky pranksters mowed an impressive 30-ft penis into the lawn of the Royal Crescent in Bath, England where a major "grand coronation party" honoring the King was to be held.

You can see the masterpiece—dubbed "The Mystery Phallus"—below.

The area known for its perfect lawn—and now for its art—became the internet's playground and Twitter went nuts.

People straight-up had their suspicions...

... and couldn't resist taking a swing at the low-hanging fruit.

Needless to say, the culprits were deemed heroes by the internet.

While the royal family has yet to comment, it's likely the prank got a rise out of them.

But we have to admit, it was a ballsy move.