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Woman Accosted By Unhinged 'Kidz Bop' Mom Says She's Continued To Be Harassed By Her Online

Woman Accosted By Unhinged 'Kidz Bop' Mom Says She's Continued To Be Harassed By Her Online

It seems we're all now aware of Kidz Bop Karen*, the middle-aged woman who confronted a ride-share driver in New York by sticking her head into the window and going on an obscenity-filled rant.

*not her real name, sorry Karens!

Just in case you missed it...

Here's Karen!

Kidz Bop Karen -

What many people don't know is that the video of the incident was captured by Chelsea Klein, the Lyft passenger who became the victim of Karen's wrath.

And according to Klein, Karen's attacks have continued online since the video went viral.

Klein asked Kidz Bop Karen to calm down after she left her children alone in the car at a red light to come yell at the Lyft driver who cut her off.

The driver apologized profusely, but Karen could not be assuaged.

"It is your fault and you know what that didn't upset me but the b—- a– h– that told me to 'calm down,' what I'd like you to do is apologize instead of being a b—-."

Klein told Fox News she had no idea what was happening as Karen approached her car.

"I didn't know what was going to happen. I was filming just in case of an emergency. I still haven't processed it."

Klein's encounter with Karen didn't stop there, however. As the video went viral, it was reposted by Barstool Sports, where an Instagram account appearing to belong to Karen began attacking Klein's physical appearance in the comments.

Shortly thereafter, Klein also reports receiving an email from Karen sarcastically congratulating her on her "15 minutes of fame" and claiming any money made from the viral video "was hers."

Klein was nonplussed by the continued attention from Karen.

"I haven't made any money."

The video has gone viral on every social media platform, including Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, though Klein originally shared it only because she thought it was amusing.

"I just took it as another wild New York encounter."

Klein now says "she feels bad" for Karen.

Though that may change if the woman doesn't stop bothering her online.

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