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Kelly Rowland Expertly Shuts Down Radio Host After He Tries To Compare Her To Beyoncé

Hot 97 host Peter Rosenburg sparked outrage from fans with his line of questioning for the Destiny's Child singer.

Kelly Rowland; radio host Peter Rosenburg
Ebro in the Morning

Singer Kelly Rowland may have cut her teeth in the music industry alongside Beyoncé in the girl group Destiny's Child.

But like Queen Bey she's had her own career in music, film and television ever since--for literal decades, and she has some 40 million records sold and a Grammy to show for it.

Nevertheless, a radio host who recently interviewed the singer seems to still view her as little more than Beyoncé's sidekick. During their chat, Hot 97's Peter Rosenburg asked Rowland to speak about what it was like to “play second to Beyoncé."

Rowland's fans weren't having any of it, and an immediate backlash began.

Rowland herself didn't seem to appreciate it either, for obvious reasons. But the way she responded to the questions was a master class in how to classily put someone in her place.

See the conversation below.

Rowland came on the "Ebro in the Morning" show to talk about her upcoming film Fantasy Football, in which she stars with former Black-ish star Marsai Martin, who joined Rowland on the broadcast.

But all Rosenburg seemed to want to talk about was Rowland's supposed status as second fiddle. Speaking to Rowland, he went on a lengthy diatribe about himself, Rowland, and other artists who are supposedly in a bigger star's shadow.

He said to Rowland:

“Everyone who gets in the entertainment business gets into to be the man. [For example] just me working with Ebro, my ego has to be in check.”
“And you happen to be standing next to the brightest light on planet Earth."
"You think Big Boi from Outkast has it tough being next to Andre, and you’re with Beyoncé. Not only did you not fight it, but it also seems you like you really love the position you were in.”

Rowland's response was flawless.

She told Rosenburg:

“Light attracts light, and I am light. So I am a beautiful brown shining light. I don’t think anybody’s light dims anyone else’s."
"I think that when other people start to compare you, I think that shows how dim they are of themselves.”

Take that, Rosenburg.

On Twitter, fans applauded Rowland for her pointed but classy response.

Rowland's film Fantasy Football drops on November 25.