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Kanye Wants To Create A TikTok For Christians Called 'Jesus Tok'—And Twitter Isn't On Board

Kanye Wants To Create A TikTok For Christians Called 'Jesus Tok'—And Twitter Isn't On Board
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

One thing you can always say about Kanye West? He's full of ideas.

But his latest has gone over about as well as his decision to run for President. West wants to create a Christian TikTok—a version of the platform that Christians could use for wholesome, evangelical content—called "Jesus Tok." And Twitter, as you might guess, is like, "Hard pass, Ye."

The idea apparently came to West in a "vision," as he described it while announcing the idea via an all-caps tweet

As West explained in his tweet, he loves the technology of TikTok, but was "disturbed by a lot of the content" he saw on the platform while watching videos with his daughter.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. There has been a fair amount of controversy lately over some of the content that has begun to seep onto the platform, from Nazi-themed videos to deadly stunts. There's also been quite a lot of concern over the platform's privacy and data-mining practices, especially given that it is a Chinese-owned and -operated company.

No word on which concerns in particular worried West (or, for that matter, whether his kids' exposure to his own often racy songs and videos concern him), but it's safe to assume it's not the company itself.

In a follow-up tweet, West shared a bit more detail about his vision for "Jesus Tok"—a collaboration directly with the existing company that is "Christian-monitored."

What exactly this means is anyone's guess. Perhaps West has his eye on a bespoke social media platform from which to promote his bid for president?

West announced his campaign in July but then failed to meet filing deadlines in several key states, leading many to assume the bid was just another one of West's publicity stunts.

But recently, people affiliated with the Trump campaign have been helping get West on the ballot in several key so-called "purple states," including Wisconsin, which many political insiders believe may decide the election in November.

West's Wisconsin qualification has been challenged and will like end up in court in the coming weeks, but West has also qualified to appear on ballots in Utah, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Whatever is behind this endeavor, people on Twitter were not about the idea, and a thorough roasting ensued.

Who knew the sequel to "Jesus Walks" would be "Jesus Toks"?

2020 is full of surprises.