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Apparently Jon Snow Didn't Pet Ghost Goodbye On 'Game Of Thrones' For The Lamest Reason

*Warning: mild Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!*

Fans had many things to say about the fourth episode Game of Thrones's final season, some good, some bad.

But every fan united behind one infuriating mistake that was almost too egregious to be believed.

You see, before riding out for King's Landing, Jon left his beloved direwolf Ghost with Tormund Giantsbane, believing (rightly) that the creature would be happier in the north.

Then, shocking the world, Jon just rode off without giving Ghost so much as a farewell pat!

It turns out the reason behind Jon's lack of affection wasn't character based so much as budget-based.

It's expensive to have people touch CGI creatures.

Fans weren't having any of director David Nutter's excuses, though!

It seems the show had other budgetary priorities when it came to important CGI moments.

Does Jon Snow deserve the Iron Throne if he won't even pet Ghost?

If there's any one character who deserved better, it's Ghost.

The meme-makers of Twitter had a lot to say about the matter.

Here's to Ghost...

...let's remember the good times, back when Jon was still a good petter.

And, if all else fails, we can always pet Ghost ourselves...sort of.

Actually, you CAN pet your own Ghost, as a cub...


...available here...

...and as a full grown direwolf...


...available here.