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John Oliver Skewers Trump, Fox News, And The GOP In Blistering Kavanaugh Rant 🔥

John Oliver Skewers Trump, Fox News, And The GOP In Blistering Kavanaugh Rant 🔥
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver hasn't been shy about calling out the GOP members who have been defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh even though he has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Until recently, he's avoided taking aim specifically at Donald Trump, but Trump tweeted out an attack on one of the accusers, and John Oliver has had enough.

For reference, here is Trump's tweet:

Plenty of people felt the tweet was not just in poor taste, but factually incorrect as many sexual assaults go unreported and Kavanaugh's mother was a prosecutor at the time and would have been in charge of her son's case anyway - so not reporting it makes sense. People are taking this as just another in a long string of strange tweets - including his now infamous tweet about how a hurricane was wet in terms of water.

John, however, isn't so ready to just brush the tweet off.

Oliver pointed out that sources close to Trump have had to actively put effort into keeping him from attacking the women who are accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault. So this tweet, which is already seen as a distasteful attack, was actually Trump holding back?

Oliver says:

So the president cast doubt on someone who said she was sexually assaulted while also sort of implying that her parents don't love her. To borrow a phrase, that's one of the most sh*theaded things I've seen from the standpoint of sh*theadedness.

To which Twitter says:

But we want to know what YOU say. Was Trump's tweet out of line? Let us know your thoughts.

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