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Jennifer Lopez Swiftly Shuts Down Reporter After He Asks About Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

Lopez and 'Atlas' star Simu Liu both quickly shut down a reporter in Mexico City who asked Lopez to reveal the 'truth' about her marriage to Ben Affleck following rumors that the pair are headed for a divorce.

Jennifer Lopez
Hector Vivas/Getty Images

During a press event for her new film Atlas, Jennifer Lopez was asked for the "truth" about divorce rumors regarding her marriage to Ben Affleck.

But she and costar Simu Liu promptly and rightfully shut him down.

The internet has been buzzing with speculation about the end of Bennifer , with outlets reporting that Affleck is house hunting in Los Angeles while staying at a different house, leading many to believe the two are already living separately.

Some have also pointed out that the couple hadn't been photographed together since March until last week when they attended events for Affleck's son, Fin.

On Wednesday, Lopez was in Mexico City for a panel discussion about her new film when she was asked about her relationship with Affleck.

At one point, a reporter asked:

“Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumors?”
“What is the truth ... what is the truth of the situation?”

Liu was quick to respond.

“OK we’re not doing that."
“Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you.”

Lopez immediately chimed in:

“You know better than that."

And Liu added:

“Don’t come in here with that energy, please."

You can watch below.

People on social media applauded Lopez for scolding the reporter.

And several commended Liu for stepping in, as well.

Many agreed that it's nobody's business but hers and Affleck's.

Lopez did have a little more scolding to do at the end of the discussion, but this time it was in jest, commenting that none of the reporters asked any questions in Spanish.

Regardless, we bet that question never comes up again.