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Champion Athlete Repairs Her Damaged Kayak Using A Condom From Olympic Village In Viral Video

Champion Athlete Repairs Her Damaged Kayak Using A Condom From Olympic Village In Viral Video
Harry How/Getty Images

Well, this should put to rest those rumors about the International Olympic Committee being anti-sex once and for all.

A new viral video shows an Australian Olympian repairing her damaged kayak with a most unlikely tool: A condom, which she acquired from the legendary Olympic Village condom stash.

Jessica Fox shared a video of her safe-sex kayak repair to TikTok where it racked up tens of thousands of views.


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In onscreen text in the video, Fox quipped:

"Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs."

You bet right, Jessica.

Fox's video shows a technician repairing the tip of her kayak, which has been gouged and scuffed presumably from running into things during competition in her event, the canoe slalom. The event involves navigating both upstream and downstream rapids on a timed course—think white-water rafting in a kayak.

In her TikTok, the technician first applies a sort of carbon putty to the jagged point of Fox's kayak and then slides a condom down over the, er, tip to hold it all in place. The method gives the kayak a nice smooth, hydrodynamic finish at the point.

Who knew prophylactics could come in so clutch during athletic feats—well, other than the usual ones anyway.

And in this case, that condom may have just been one of the linchpins that brought Australia a gold medal and saw Fox making Olympic history.

In the first-ever Olympic women's canoe slalom event, Fox won the top honor in Tokyo, besting the U.K.'s Mallory Franklin by just shy of four seconds with a time of 105.04.

Fox also won a bronze medal earlier in the week for the kayak slalom, a similar event that uses a single-blade paddle and a different seat position in the boat.

You can see her history-making run below.

On social media, people of course had plenty of jokes about Fox's sexy kayak repair.






This is Fox's third Olympic games but first gold medal, after winning bronze medals in the kayak slalom at both the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympics.