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25-Year-Old New Jersey Man Fighting For His Life In Coma After Lab Misplaces Positive Test Result

While the global pandemic is most dangerous for the elderly and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, that doesn't mean it's perfectly safe for young people.

In New Jersey, a 25-year-old, All-American Lacrosse player is in a coma after contracting the viral disease.

Tragically, his treatment was delayed for five crucial days after the hospital misplaced his positive test results.

Jack Allard, 25, first went to the hospital on March 13 after throwing up with a high fever and back pain.

Allard's mother, Genny, didn't suspect the virus, saying:

"We thought he had a kidney infection."

When Allard's status worsened, he was moved to the ICU and placed on a ventilator.

It was at this point that his hospital tested him for the virus.

Unfortunately, it was also at this point that the lab lost Allard's test results.

Although he tested positive, he was not given access to a special, experimental treatment for five additional days.

Dr. Laila Woc-Colburn of Baylor College told The New York Post about how Allard was trying to be treated by the Ebola drug Remdesivir:

"Remdesivir is one of the anti-virals that has been shown to limit the viral activity."

Now, Allard's mother is intent on highlighting the risks of the disease even to young people who might think they can't be harmed by it, saying:

"My son is healthy, no pre-existing conditions and he's 25. This virus is really dangerous and now he is very, very sick...He never vaped, he never smoked. He took his health very seriously — I mean he's an athlete."

Many reached out to Jack and his family on Twitter to offer their support.

Hopefully, with access to this new treatment, Jack will be off his ventilator and back to the lacrosse field.