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Ivanka Slammed After Sharing Self-Congratulatory Video Of Herself Delivering Food To Needy Families


Though her time as one of President Donald Trump's senior advisors has tarnished Ivanka Trump's reputation among many Americans, she's still trying to spread the idea she truly cares about average people.

On Twitter, Ivanka shared a video of herself passing out boxes of food to hungry Americans. You know, the hungry Americans whose lives were turned upside down by the pandemic and the White House's botched response to it.

Also, in completely unrelated news, Ivanka recently spent $30 million on a new beachfront property in Miami.

Twitter dragged Ivanka for her performative charity that never seems to extend to the White House policy she supposedly influences.

The video, which many online found boastful, didn't sway many people to Ivanka's side.

Some Twitter users suggested Ivanka hold onto some of those boxes to help her move out of Washington D.C. come January.

Ivanka previously urged those out of work due to the pandemic to "find something new."

Lesson learned: real charity work isn't done in front of high-end cameras to save your own struggling reputation.