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IKEA Celebrates Pride With 'Love Seats' Inspired By The Different Pride Flags—And People Have Thoughts

IKEA Canada/YouTube

Ikea, already under fire for an Atlanta-area store's treatment of Juneteenth, has a new raised eyebrow directed at it for a questionable product choice to "celebrate" pride.

Ikea Canada released aptly named 'Love' seats, designed by queer designers, to celebrate Pride month.

"In honour of Pride, IKEA Canada has collaborated with designers active in the 2SLGBTQ+ community to create Love Seats,'" wrote the company.

"A series of one-of-a-kind slipcovers inspired by the colours of different Pride flags, and the lived experiences from a wide spectrum of gender and sexual identities they represent."

Some people were all about these slipcovers:

Others were quick to make fun of what they perceived as a tacky gesture, attempting to make money off the queer community without actually helping them.

While others noted that the couch promoting bisexuality was...actually incredibly scary.

More information on the designers and the individual couches can be found here.

The seats will be on display at Ikea locations around Canada for the rest of the summer.