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Idris Elba's New Netflix Series Stars Him As A Former DJ-Turned-Nanny, And Count. Us. In.

Idris Elba is one of Hollywood's many charming tough guys. Audiences wouldn't bat an eye seeing him going head to head with a big baddie in a climactic battle sequence, or chasing down a perp as John Luther in BBC's Luther. If there's a role many weren't expecting the actor to be cast in, however, it's as Charlie, a down-on-his-luck DJ turned nanny.

Turn Up Charlie, which premiers on Netflix March 15, will show a new side of Elba to the world.

Fans didn't know it, but this show was they had wanted all along.

The show also seems to feature some very fun cameos!

One Twitter user had a problem with the casting of a non-Nigerian actor as Nigerian...but was quickly informed that the actress was, in fact, from Nigeria! It's all coming together!

Now that the trailer's dropped, DJ D.W. Waterson was finally able to reveal her involvement with the program, which was partially based on her web series That's My DJ.

Fans of both Elba and Waterson couldn't be more excited!

Who wouldn't want Idris Elba spinning the records behind the booth at their wedding?

Get ready—Elba's new show is streaming everywhere on March 15 and it's gonna be big!

Turn Up Charlie | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix