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Woman's Viral 'Trick' For Making Ice Cream Punch Using A Toilet Has People Feeling Nauseous

Woman's Viral 'Trick' For Making Ice Cream Punch Using A Toilet Has People Feeling Nauseous
The Anna Show/Facebook

If you've been on the internet in the last five years, you've undoubtedly come into contact with a video recipe tutorial.

Scroll through a Facebook feed for just a few moments and you're liable to encounter that well-worn culinary how-to aesthetic: light instrumental music, a minimalist production set, the classic top-down view, and, of course, intermittent time lapses.

But one woman's recent homemade recipe video completely overturned those expectations. And people are absolutely freaking out.

The viral clip, originally posted on Facebook by The Anna Show, showed a young woman, presumably Anna, as she walked viewers through the makings of a colorful, sweet treat.

But for anyone watching the video, it was clear that she'd launched things off the rails almost immediately when she knelt down next to a toilet, stuffed a tie dye shirt into the drain hole, covered that with a bowl full of ice, and emptied an entire half gallon of rainbow sherbet ice cream on top.

Shockingly, she was just getting started at that point.

The Anna Show/Facebook

As the man behind the camera eagerly asked for clarifications throughout, the young woman continued to tout how delicious the upcoming treat was to be.

After all, she followed the sherbet with large bags of sour gummy worms and then opened the upper deck to pour multiple two liters of soda into the compartment, which later submerged the ice cream-gummy mixture when she flushed the toilet.

From there, she used a soup ladle to serve up some glasses to her unknowing guests.

And all the while, she put on an absolute clinic in the delivery of the deadpan tone of voice.

Needless to say, the internet has struggled to accept—or even wrap its head around—what exactly was going on here.

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Later, when the video began to appear on Twitter, more wide-ranging commentary ensued.

As many people commented, it's true the video was likely an attempt to shock the internet and ensure the video went viral.

But even if that is true, sometimes it's nice to know we live in a time when something this bizarre and unprompted can snag the limelight, if for just a few moments.