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Tom Holland Hilariously Thought The Massage Gun Mark Wahlberg Gifted Him Was A Sex Toy

Tom Holland Hilariously Thought The Massage Gun Mark Wahlberg Gifted Him Was A Sex Toy
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images; @markwahlberg/Instagram

Tom Holland shared a hilarious anecdote involving a unique present he received from Mark Wahlberg–with whom he's starring in the adventure film, Uncharted.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Holland said his beefy co-star gave him a present before driving him back to his hotel in LA.

Looking at the gift, It wasn't clear to Holland what Wahlberg's intentions were.

“Essentially Mark Wahlberg was kind enough to give me a massage gun after I left his house in LA and he drove me back to my hotel," recalled the 25-year-old Spider-Man actor.

He continued:

“I was confused as to what kind of massage gun this was having never seen one before, and I thought it was the type of self-pleasure.”

Holland added he thought Wahlberg drove him home "for other reasons than just being a gentleman."

"I didn’t know, it’s Hollywood baby … who knows what’s going to happen."

Here's the clip from the interview.

Social media users were gobsmacked how Holland was casually willing to continue the ride all the way into "uncharted" territory because "that's how they roll in Hollywood."

What Wahlberg gave Holland was not some kind of erotic pleasure tool as Holland mentioned but definitely a G-rated stress reliever used for treating sore muscles.

Clearly, Holland picked up on the wrong vibe.

Whalberg was taken aback that his younger co-star would think he was being taken to the hotel for a night of homoeroticism.

He told Holland:

“I can’t believe the whole time you were thinking that, and I’m just trying to have a conversation with you, talking about your family, talking about my kids and what their interests are."
“You gotta get your head out of the gutter, buddy.”

Whalberg explained to the media outlet he has a stake in a company, Power Plate, that makes massage tools–which according to their website–use PrecisionWave™ Technology to send tiny vibrations through your body - up to 50 times a second" and activates "more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery."

Because the 50-year-old action star touted the Power Plates were “best massage guns out there," he thought gifting one to his Uncharted co-star would be a nice gesture.

On Friday, Wahlberg followed up the interview with an Instagram video demonstrating the intended use for a Power Plate massage gun for Holland's benefit.

“Mr. Tom Holland, you see this? Power Plate Pulse, this is a massage tool, for muscle recovery, nothing else,” he said.

Uncharted is based on the eponymous video game series developed by Naughty Dog.

The adventure begins in theaters on February 11.

You can see a trailer Holland posted on his social media pages, here.