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David Hogg Has Upset Many Of His Supporters With Ageist Comments About Nancy Pelosi

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David Hogg is facing a wave of heavy backlash from his supporters for a comment he made in a New York magazine article published Sunday. In the profile piece, the Parkland shooting survivor and March for Our Lives leader called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "old"—a characterization that many are calling ageist, sexist, and unnecessary.

According to BuzzFeed, the comprehensive article tackles everything from Hogg's future political agenda to his meditation practices. But the piece took a turn into shaky territory when the anti-gun activist and accused "crisis actor" noted that Paul Ryan was forty-five when he became the youngest elected speaker of the House.

Hogg said:

The reason Republicans are successful right now is because they're empowering young people. Older Democrats just won't move the fuck off the plate and let us take control. Nancy Pelosi is old.

Check it out:

Though, some did come to Hogg's defense:

Others didn't approve of the comment but acknowledged that perhaps there should be term limits:

Others noted that its more likely for a woman to be called old than a man:

Of course there is something to be said for experience as this commenter points out:

H/T: BuzzFeed, Twitter