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Hippopotamus Poop Is Killing Fish In Droves—Nature Is Wild

Hippopotamus Poop Is Killing Fish In Droves—Nature Is Wild

DEA / S. MONTANARI/Getty Images

Any zoologist will tell you that hippos, despite their adorable dumpy demeanor, are actually the most dangerous animals in Africa. And although they're responsible for more human deaths than any other animal, their deadliness isn't exclusive to people. It turns out hippos, or more specifically their feces, also represent a notable threat to entire local fish populations.

It's on days like these that journalism really comes through for us.

The lengths these Yale scientists went to to determine the culprit of so many dead fish is both impressive and absurd.

Though there may have been a few clues that should have tipped them off beforehand...

Scientists can call the study whatever they want, but it all boils down to the same thing.

In our complex world, it's rare to see such a persistent mystery completely solved!

The author of the article got some major props for covering such an important topic.

Even one of the hippo-researchers gave @edyong209 a shout out!

If you ever have a friend going through a rough time, this article might be just the thing to cheer them up.

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