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Hilary Duff Lays Into 'Young Millennial A**holes' For Continuing To Ignore Health Experts In Scathing Video

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The USA is in a time of major crisis.

As Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to increase exponentially, experts are recommending Americans stay home and distance themselves from their peers. American life has been upended as we know it.

But some folks have yet to follow the advice handed down by the CDC--earning the ire of several celebrities, including Hilary Duff, who went online to tell folks exactly what she thought of people not heeding "social distancing."

Duff, 32, made a video on her Instagram story in which she told "all you young millennial a**holes that keep going out and partying: Go home."

"Stop killing old people please."

Many reposted the video in solidarity with Duff, as the CDC has made it clear that young people who are asymptomatic are at greater risk of transmitting the virus to vulnerable populations.

Pictures from this weekend showed young people in Pittsburgh celebrating St. Patrick's Day--a surefire way to spread the virus faster and faster.

Duff is one in a string of celebrities who took to social media to emphasize the importance of social distancing.

The USA is at 4,667 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 87 deaths on record.

The outbreak and restrictions on American life is expected to get a lot worse before they get better.