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Man Sparks Backlash For Mocking His High School Bully After Seeing That He's Now Unhoused

A resurfaced video went viral again on social media of a man confronting his 'homeless' high school bully—and sparked a debate after some accused him of becoming the bully.

Screenshots of unhoused man

A man who filmed himself confronting a man he identified as his high school bully after discovering he was unhoused came under fire on social media after the video went viral again.

The undated clip showed a barefoot man sitting on the steps of a building with a pair of boots and socks on the step below him.

The person filming was heard taunting him, saying things like:

"You was the man, homie."
"WTF happened to you?"

He continued:

"Yeah, you used to flex on me in high school because I used to wear baggy clothes. 'Member?"

The individual took the verbal beating without responding and at one point extended his hand out but was immediately shut down.

The man filming who remained off camera said:

"I'm not shaking your hand."
"Look at you dawg. Tighten the f'k up, bro."

He also repeatedly called his former tormentor from another time a "d*ckhead."

The clip shared and posted by Twitter user @oswaldosrm wrote in the caption:

"Man finds his #HighSchool #bully homeless on the street..."

You can view the clip here:

The man filming showed his car parked on the street nearby and then panned back to the person on the steps.

"Now look at you. Now look at me."

Despite their troubled history as high school classmates, many social media users thought the man filming went too far.

A user responded to another tweet by @raphousetv2 with the video and included a poll showing that 67% of viewers voted "Yes" to the question:

"Was he wrong?"

Some users suggested the ultimate form of vengeance could have come in the form of compassion.

Without context people don't know to what extent the cameraman was bullied.

But with that being said, many people thought he could have taken the high road in this situation instead of choosing to become the bully.