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Helicopter Mom’s Extreme Text Requests To Her Daughter Have The Internet Saying ‘Same’

Helicopter Mom’s Extreme Text Requests To Her Daughter Have The Internet Saying ‘Same’

Kaelyn is 18, has graduated high school, and is going to be leaving for college shortly. Before she leaves, she decided to have a movie night with long-time friend Stevie.

Kaelyn’s mom is what you might call “protective” and has a policy of requesting selfies from Kaelyn at random times so she can confirm that Kaelyn is where she says she is.

Well, movie night turned into selfie night thanks to Kaelyn’s mom, and the teen posted the text exchange to Twitter. The tweet blew up as people all across the Internet realized maybe they all had the same mom.

Here’s the first screenshot.

Kaelyn complied with the lights-on photo request.

But that wasn’t enough for mom.

Finally, Kaelyn passed mom’s test.

Kaelyn took to Twitter to document the ordeal.

Kimmy popped in to let her know that the overprotective mom thing doesn’t really ever end.

Carla thinks trust is overrated.


And this person thinks Kaelyn should just enjoy it.

Not everyone saw the exchange as heartwarming and fluffy. To be honest, some of us were reminded of this woman, whose abusive husband made similar demands.

This person pointed out how inappropriate this same conversation would be if it was with a boyfriend.

So did this person.

Mary thought the whole thing was inspirational, so she figured she would try it with her young-adult daughter.

It didn’t go as planned.

As for Kaelyn’s mom, she told a news outlet that she believed Kaelyn, but decided to have a little fun with it.

“I knew she was where she said she was, but it was more fun to keep her doing different things.”

Whether she was joking or serious, though, I think we can all agree with Chris:


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Source: The Daily Buzz