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Josh Hawley Dragged After Claiming He Missed 'Tucker Carlson' Appearance Due To A 'Power Outage'

Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri had bragged on Twitter about his upcoming appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

However, Hawley—who was the first Senator to object to President Joe Biden's electoral college certification in the 2020 election—was unceremoniously absent from the engagement he prepped his followers for.

An hour after his initial announcement, Hawley claimed his studio suffered a power outage as the reason why he missed the interview.

Many social media users scratched their heads since there were no significant storms in the forecast enough to cause a blackout on Wednesday night.

Rawstory mentioned it was not raining or storming in Washington where the Congressman was expected since there were votes there.

While his tweet was dubious, Twitter was more than happy to fill in the blanks with their assumptions.

Many social media users mocked Hawley and said he was "canceled" by the network.

People were referring to publication company Simon & Schuster canceling the Congressman's book back in January – mainly for Hawley's notorious efforts in leading the Senate to obstruct the Electoral College vote in support of former President Donald Trump's big lie of a stolen election.

There was no further explanation from Hawley about his interview that never happened.