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Halsey Apologizes For Unintentionally Insensitive Tweet About World Trade Center After Bad Album Review

Singer Halsey reacted to a mediocre review the way almost anyone would: by calling for the destruction of the World Trade Center.

To be fair, her insinuation was surely inadvertent.

Following a review from Pitchfork that gave her new album, Manic, a 6.5/10, Halsey wrote on Twitter:

"Can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already."

Halsey presumably didn't know that Pitchfork's offices are in One World Trade Center in New York.


Halsey quickly deleted her tweet, wrote an apology tweet, and deleted that as well, but not before Twitter captured the gaffe and made a million jokes about it.

Though the tweets quickly disappeared, Halsey is going to have a hard time living this moment down.

The faux pas reminded many of another infamous 9/11 reference.

Others thought Halsey deserved some slack.

Most seemed more interested in a quality joke, however.

In her apology, Halsey clarified she was only jabbing at Pitchfork with some joking passive aggression.

It's ok, Halsey—just try not to call for the destruction of the World Trade Center again!