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'Terrified' Mom Offers Warning After Hacker Spoke To Son 'For Weeks' By Hacking Baby Monitor

TikTok influencer Kurin Adele says her son refused to let her plug the camera in because 'someone wakes me up and talks to me.'

Mother explaining how her WiFi baby monitor was hacked

A parent's core concern undoubtedly would be to make their child feel loved and, of course, safe.

But there are some safety precautions a parent might have in place that are not as safe to use as they appear to be.

Shocked TikTok influencer, Kurin Adele, recently shared her realization alongside her husband that someone had hacked into their Wifi-enabled baby monitor... and started talking to their child at nighttime.

In the video, Adele explained that the parents had gotten up during the night to change their son's bed, since he was potty-training and had had an accident in his bed.

After doing the cleanup, Adele's husband prepared to plug the baby monitor back in, to which their son refused.

Adele recalled:

"My son starts crying and he's like, ‘I don't want my camera plugged in, I don't want my camera plugged in.'"
"He said, 'Someone talks to me at night and it scares me, someone wakes me up and talks to me and I'm scared.'"

Adele and her husband looked at each other, immediately terrified, and then reassured their son that he was not only safe, but that they would not plug the camera back in.

You can watch the video here:


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After getting their son back to bed, Adele's next step was to change the password on the baby monitor so it could be properly disabled. Once logged in, Adele discovered a notice of a data breach that had not been communicated elsewhere to customers, and she realized that this realistically could have been going on for weeks, if not months.

TikTok was thoroughly creeped out by the incident.







Adele reached out to the company and explained what had happened, which garnered a lackadaisical response. After posting her TikTok about the breach, she was contacted by the company, who wanted to discuss next-steps with her.

She was pleased later when the CEO of the company reached out to her and accepted her feedback about what had happened and what other changes she would like to see happen, like increased communication about possible breaches and reminders for customers to keep their passwords up-to-date.

The family has since decided to go back to using Wifi-free baby monitors for their two children and future baby.